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Buying in Q4

by Trystan Woods on October 3, 2017
Buying in Q4

Real estate in Texas has many interesting dynamics. One that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is utilizing the comfortable winters.  Below are a couple of reasons to consider buying in the winter. While they may not work for a lot of people, it is good to be aware that the option exists:


School schedules and the holidays make buying in the last quarter of the year difficult, so not everyone will have the flexibility to purchase in the off season.  Because of the logistical chaos of moving during the winter months, there will naturally be lighter demand to buy. Competition will be minimal, should you find a suitable house to put an offer on, giving you more leverage during negotiations.

Holiday Break

Holidays are a great for spending time with family because, often times, and companies provide their employees with paid time off. It is an excellent time to relax and unwind.  Because this time of years is also when it is easiest to find the best deal, it may be worth it to consider using one holiday season to get into your dream home( You might even get some free labor from your family).

The Weather

Texas is not a bad place to be active in the winter. I’ve been down here since 2011 and can count the times I have been cold on one hand. I would much rather move all my earthly possessions around Texas during a moderate winter rather than in oppressive heat of July or August.

Moving in the winter months may not be realistic for many, but if you have the flexibility to consider it, there are some good benefits. If you think it could be an option for you, I would love to talk through any obstacles standing in your way: