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Selling in 2018? You May Want to Start Preparing Now

by Trystan Woods on October 3, 2017
Selling in 2018? You May Want to Start Preparing Now


Preparing to sell a home is often a difficult task. In many cases, it can be very advantageous to begin preparations well in advance of listing your home. Though you will have an agent doing the work of selling your home, there are things that only you can do to make the process less chaotic while maximizing your value:

Take Care of Disrepair

The longer you’ve lived in a home, the more likely it is that you’ve overlooked simple maintenance and small projects you wished you’d kept up with. These minor projects and upgrades are a few suggestions to help your house standout:

·        Power washing house, driveway and sidewalks

·        Interior/exterior painting

·        Trimming trees and shrubbery

·        Adding a flowerbed/garden

·        Replace hardware on doors/cabinets

These tasks don’t require much skill or money to complete and add a nice finishing touch to any home. Even if you’re not comfortable doing them yourself they can always be hired out. Either way, waiting till the last minute will add unneeded stress and in many cases make obtaining materials or labor more expensive.

Have an Idea of What Your Home is Worth

With sites like Redfin and Zillow, you can get an idea of what your home is worth. While it’s not a guarantee, it is a good way to be prepared to evaluate CMA’s presented by potential listing agents. Understanding your value will also help determine if the projects mentioned above make sense. When the time comes, pricing your home strategically is one of the most important factors to maximize value. An overpriced home can alienate your target market and reduce demand while an underpriced home might result in leaving money on the table.

Consider Negotiating a Leaseback From Your Buyer

Even if you’re not ready to move right now, you don’t necessarily have to wait to list your home. Moving from one home to another can create a logistical nightmare. Often you need the capital from the home you are selling to buy your next home. In a competitive buyers’ market, being a contingent offer can make it difficult to be taken seriously. One way to avoid this is to have your agent negotiate with the buyer to let you stay in the home for a period of time. This makes it less stressful to plan for moving and can give you more leverage in negotiating offers on your future home. Negotiating to stay in your home for two weeks to a month can make transitioning to whatever is next much less stressful.

If you have any suspicion you might be selling in 2018, it’s not a bad idea to get in touch with an agent to start preparing now. The older your house is, the more decisions on projects and updates you will need to be ready to make. Putting in a little time and effort now will pay huge dividends like creating more value, reducing stress and putting yourself in a better position for what is next. Even if you decide not sell, I promise you will enjoy the benefit of any updates or overdue maintenance!

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